We are calling on hackers, social innovators and (data) artists to demonstrate what can be achieved by placing sensors in the public space. Make us think about what privacy means today, and get the chance to expose your work in this unique building!

This entire summer we invite you to come and hack our building. We provide tools, coaches, a free co-working space and anything else you might need.


The Krook is outfitted with 250 beacons which can be used for Location Based Services

Data Wall

In the center of the Agora, there is a large dynamic screen where you can display your content

Open Data

The Krook publishes open data, such as the collection of the library, reader's lending history, etc.

The piano

There is a public piano which is fully "sensorized" and produces a realtime feed of MIDI and other data.


We provide a full set of tools ranging from implementation plans to data analysis and other software


We provide detailed documentation, code examples and coaching for all the digital assets in the Krook

June 8th Opening Debate

Today, sensors are all around us. They're in your books, in your smartphone, and in the public places you visit. Would you like to know how much data you're actually giving away? Come and join us for a debate on privacy, hosted by some of the most experienced policy makers and hackers in Belgium on June 8th at 18:00 in De Krook

Willem Debeuckelaere

Privacy Commission

Willem Debeuckelaereclose

Mr. Debeuckelaere is law graduate of the Ghent University. He worked as a lawyer from 1977 till 1995. He was president of the Flemish “Human Rights League” from 1982 to 1989.

He published on legal aid, constitutional and administrative law, privacy and data protection.

He was head of the cabinet of the Belgian Minister of the Interior from 1995 till 1998. He was first nominated judge of the tribunal of first instance and subsequently, in 2002, counsellor of the Ghent Court of Appeal. He was Vice-President of the Belgian Commission for the Protection of Privacy from 2004 till March 2007. He has been its President since April 2007.'

Rosemie Callewaert

Data- en servicedesigner

Rosemie Callewaertclose


Dries Depoorter

Media Artist

Dries De Poorterclose


Kasper Jordaens

Solution Designer
imec - kaotec

Kasper Jordaensclose


Seppe Vansteelant

Data Protection Officer
Stad Gent

Seppe Vansteelantclose


Sara Logghe

R&D Projectmanager

Sara Loggheclose


Dries De Roeck

Design Researcher
Studio Dott

Dries De Roeckclose


Askim Kintziger

Innovation Strategist

Askim Kintzigerclose


Bart Rosseau

Chief Data Officer
Stad Gent

Bart Rosseauclose

Frederik Van Remoortere


Frederik Van Remoortereclose


Pieter Colpaert

Smart Flanders & researcher Ghent University

Pieter Colpaertclose


Amélia Andersdotter

Information Advicate & dataskydd

Amélia Andersdotterclose


Register here for the opening debate on June 8th Register!

The Krook

The Krook is a creative district in the center of Ghent. It houses the public library, Ghent University, imec and a wide range of partners who collaborate on projects related to (social) innovation, technology and business.

During this summer, we open our doors to creatives, hackers, artists, and anyone who is interested to learn more about the technology "behind the scenes". There is a dedicated "Kraak de Krook" Lab, hosted by Lab 9K where you can work on your project, get coaching, and meet the other participants.



The Krook is outfitted with indoor positioning beacons and sensors developed by imec. Along with many other pieces of technical infrastructure these provide the perfect opportunity to develop and test the wildest applications in a large-scale public setting.

We provide detailed documentation on the position and use of the beacons, along with dedicated coaching in the Lab space.